Tao Te Ching Today 0008 – Chapter 4 for Everyday Life

Posted by on March 28, 2012


Ok, so today we move in to the discussion of how we can use chapter 4 in our everyday lives. Let’s roll.

[The Tao Te Ching is a classic Chinese text written by one of the wisest man in history. It is one of the most translated texts in the world and it holds many secrets of living a blissful life. Very few men know all the secrets of Lao Tzu, western Master Sean Webb is one of them]

[Welcome to Tao Te Ching Today. Take a deep breath. Calm yourself. And open your mind. Here now is our guide and host of Tao Te Ching Today, Sean Webb.]

Hi! Welcome to Tao Te Ching Today where we look at the reality of the Tao Te Ching from Lao Tzu’s eyes. I am your host, Sean Webb.

Last week we discussed and read chapter 4 and I just wanted to take a few moments to discuss how we can utilize chapter 4 in our everyday lives. If you remember, chapter 4 read: The Way is empty; yet when you use it, you never need to fill it again—meaning it is like a bowl, it is full of stuff, yet it’s empty, yet at the same time you never have to refill it again. It’s forever perpetually there for you.

Like an abyss! It seems to be the ancestor of the ten thousand things. If files down sharp edges; unties the tangles; softens the glare; and settles the dust. Submerged! It seems perhaps to exist. We don’t know whose child it is; it seems to have even preceded the Lord.

Ok… so… the meaning of our lives, or a lot of comfort that many people get from thinking about life, and in their struggle of life along the way, is that we have a deeper meaning, that there is something more that exist beyond us. And this is one of the reasons that religion is rather popular around the globe is that people love to and maybe even possibly NEED to feel that there is something more than them. There is something greater than what they are doing in their everyday (mundane) lives sometimes. And this message tells us that indeed there IS something more. The Tao is empty—like an abyss. It seems to be the ancestor of all things. There’s something out there more than you that has created everything seemingly.

If files down sharp edges; it unties the tangles; softens the glare; and settles the dust… meaning… the things that cause pain in our lives, the things that we have to be concerned about in life, the things that can be a thorn in our side… this helps alleviate those things, this takes care of those things. This makes them simpler than they may seem to be in our lives. And so, without necessarily requiring faith, this is simply a statement that says there is something bigger, that does allow life to be much better than it is, and becoming in tune with this will allow you to understand it and exist with it… in its flow versus living life in ignorance and trying to struggle against it. And so if files down sharp edges of the things that might cut you; unties the tangles in your rope; it softens the glare from the sun that shines in your eyes, or maybe the glare off of the water as you’re trying to fish; it settles the dust that could cause you respiratory issues or get in your eyes or cause other issues.

There is something more than your daily struggle… and it does make life better. So in our everyday lives, sometimes when we come to those struggles we run in to those issues and we aren’t yet enlightened (which we’re gonna talk about enlightenment much more moving forward). We aren’t yet to that place of knowing, we aren’t yet to that place of understanding, we aren’t yet to that place of experience… and we hit those struggles and we hit those walls. Man… doesn’t it feel better knowing that you’re not alone? I mean even modern day Psychology states that if somebody is compassionate towards you and shares your pain and shares your suffering, your turmoil is reduced. Your perception of that is lessened. Right? You feel better when someone shares your pain. And so in the virtual world of religion when we’re discussing having some sort of deity that can share our pain or share our experiences or be there for us that can be a great weight lifted off of our shoulders. And so this is the same type of message in that… there is something that exists that is bigger than we… that make all of these things seem lesser than we are… and can be used infinitely… in that when you empty the bowl, you never have to refill it. And so, if you’re not yet enlightened, know that where these teachings take us is towards enlightenment, and is towards the understanding of a deeper more profound truth of the universe that CAN be realized and is only understood through experience.

And so that’s what we should take from chapter 4 moving forward.

Next week, chapter 5 is really cool. Don’t forget to get your free audio book from audible.com at taotechingtoday.com/audible. They provide a free audiobook for trying out their free 30-day trial at taotechingtoday.com/audible and if you support them, they support us. We very much appreciate it. Until next week, be well.

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